When it comes to refreshing drinks in the summer, nothing can beat a glass of homemade lemonade. Simple to make and long lasting, this recipe has been passed down to me from my grandmother- the best cook I know, and is a staple in our family's fridge.

675g granulated sugar
2 pints water
1tbsp citric acid
1 lemon

1. Boil the water and dissolve the sugar in it.
2. Add the citric acid and the zest of the lemon. Leave to cool.
3. Add the lemon flesh and juice. Let it stand for 24 hours, then strain into the bottle.
4. Dilute to taste, I would recommend 1 part lemonade, 7 parts water.

Bread and butter pudding has to be one of my all time favourites. The creamy flavour is delicious and guilt-inducing, I just made a quick one today for a family meal in the evening. Summer at its best. Here is the recipie.
This is one of my favourite days of the year, a day where you are EXPECTED to eat pancakes. Yum! This time I was the one to whip up a quick batch and cook them, instead of my dad. I always eat mine with sugar and lemon, or if I am feeling particularly greedy, a big dollop of golden syrup. What are your preferred toppings?
I also decided to give up chocolate this year for lent- its going to be a struggle, especially with the vending machine in the common room in front of my face every day, however it will help burn off all of the post-pancake calories I hope.

My favourite recipie for pancakes: (makes about 6 large pancakes)
120g plain flour
pinch of salt
1 egg
300ml milk

Mix the flour and salt in a bowl (I never bother to sieve them- you can beat the lumps out later) and make a well in the centre.
Crack the egg in and beat with some of the flour surrounding it. Add the milk a little at a time and beat throughly, combining in the flour as you go.
Melt a little butter to coat your frying pan, ladle in the batter for each pancake. Allow to cook on one side then FLIP!
Serve with sugar and lemon.

With all of the snow outside coating the landscape in a white blanket, I felt like baking a warming recipie to occupy my free time (since all my sport is cancelled at the moment, much to my dislike!), find the recipie here.
Good make up essentials are hard to find so I thought I would share my favourite products with you.
Make up remover- Lancome (the best make up remover that I have ever tried, it eliminates even the most stubborn products)
Blusher and bronzer set- Estee Lauder
Mascara- Lancome Hypnose Star (rarely smudges, non-clumpy and long-lasting)
Tinted moisturiser- Clinique (this is a lovely product giving light coverage but doesn't cause spots)
Airbrush concealer- Clinique
Kohl eyeliner- Rimmel
Liquid eyeliner- Eyeko
Lipstick- Lancome
Eyeshadow duo- Lancome Ombre Absolute Duo (the colour combinations are perfect)
Despite the title of my blog I realised that I hadn't actually done a post yet about countryside fashion. One of my favourite parts of living in the country is the comfy fashion you get to wear, it is all about textures and good quality (as well as warmth and practicality). Here is an outfit that I have put together:
Jumper- Toast £59
Jeans- Topshop £40
Boots- Bertie £119
Belt- Topshop £22
Bag- French Connection (ASOS) £50
Socks- Toast £29
Scarf- Topshop £14
    2012 has certainly been a memorable year for everyone, with the diamond jubilee and the olympics. There have been many highlights for me, firstly the olympics which was a wonderful spectacle that everyone in the country enjoyed, some of the stories we heard were amazing and I know I for one, am inspired to try to take my sport to the next level, one day I want that to be me out there, me getting gold. My sporting acheivements were also memorable, my team managed to get to the national finals this year, which was an astonishing acheivement. Then at the beginning of the new season, I made a heartbreaking decision to leave my old club which had felt like a second home for 5 years, and embark to a new club where my standard has a better chance of growing. In doing so I had to leave old friends, familiar territory and a strong sense of loyalty.
     School has changed hugely, finally going into sixth form to study A-levels, and leaving behind all the subjects that I hated. However new friends arose which I am very grateful for and I hope to make new friends next year.
    Moving on to 2013 is though, however a fresh start can be very beneficial and I can't wait for the excitement and drama to come. Now there is just the difficulty of setting a New Year's resolution, what to do?
Burgandy seems to be the colour of the season with many stores flooding their shelves with the various hues, so here are my favourite picks.
Burgandy sleeveless top- River Island £18
Burgandy strappy heels- River Island £25
As a tall female, I find it difficult to find gorgeous heels without huge platforms that make me into a giant, given the current trends. I love some of ZARA's mid heels and simple stilletoes that don't make me hugely tall yet still elongate my legs. Here are a selection of my favourites, including some flats:
(Left to right) Ankle strap heels £29.99, Vamp heels £39.99, Studded heel £69.99, Ankle boot with double zip £59.99, Tan ankle boot £69.99,  Studded slipper £39.99
I normally refrain from thinking about Christmas this early on, however I have a Christmas hockey social coming up where Christmas knits are compulsory. I was shocked to discover that I actually didn't own a Christmas knit,so I decided to hunt the web for my favourite options:
Lambswool Snowflake jumper- M & S- £49.50 
Snowflake jumper- Illustrated people at Topshop £55